Settling in…Projects getting done

Well, I’m slowly settling in to my semi-permanent RV spot. Jolene (my trailer) has some work to do still but she’s getting there. If you haven’t been following my adventure so far- there isn’t a ton to catch up on yet- I bought a travel trailer, quit my job, moved (farther) North, and began my summer living in my trailer AKA Jolene. You can follow the day to day stuff on her Insta @trailertrash.jolene

My first week was interesting, I must say. Thought that doing torch on roofing would fix the leaking problem…. nope. And we have had the RAINIEST summer. So, that’s been fun. I spent one day on the roof sealing all the edges with Lexel Clear sealant. It still leaked. All I accomplished that day was being covered in sticky sealant and a case of heat stroke. I ended up just being frustrated and tarping the area. Oh well. Between trying to start a new job and getting moved and settled, it was just feeling overwhelming.

About a week later, I discovered the spot that was leaking- compete fluke chance. It was raining and I had moved the tarp to inspect a few days prior. Never bothered to move it back. So, I was trying to reach as high as I could to shimmy it back in place without a ladder. I only managed to get the corner covered- but it wasn’t leaking on my bed! Found it! Next sunny day I WAAAY over sealed the area. She ain’t a pretty fix, but no one sees up there but the birds, and they don’t seem to mind it.

I also fixed my leaking toilet by changing out the valve piece. Not a super hard job, but finicky since its such a small area to maneuver in. Feeling accomplished at this point.

I’m really just trying to remember that I can only get one thing done at a time and not to stress about it. Sometimes I start too many things at once and then they sit half done because I ran out of ambition or am overwhelmed with the amount going on… or i’m poor. I’m sure that i’m not the only one who does that! I am part way through finishing the bathroom, but I had to wait for some wallpaper in the mail (finally came today!). So that has been sitting for a few weeks. At least no one sees it.

So, I started another build project (see what I mean?). The entertainment unit around the wheel well needing building. I’m done the frame- just need to finish hanging the TV and making it pretty. But I now have a place for my TV, and my shoe storage. Essentially getting everything out of the corner of my living area.

Next project- Couch/futon. I just need to save some money for lumber… Someone start a go-fund me account for me!! (don’t actually though) 😉



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